Solution Introduction
The intelligent four-way shuttle robot adopts the four-way driving ability and the method of getting into the bottom of the rack to achieve flexible scheduling close to the AGV site on the same operation floor. By integrating robots, hoists, conveyor belts and other equipment, and further integrating workstations, electronic tags, scanners and other operating equipment, the complete warehousing process can be realized, with the above integrations, a complete set of automated storage solutions with obvious advantages is formed.
Application scenario
Transfer, transport, storage, etc.
Application industry
The traditional picking method is inefficient, difficult to control the labor cost, scattered orders, more items, less quantity, almost all are picked with parts.
  • Rack deployment for multi-layered/single-layered rack
    Overhead space in the building can be thoroughly used by introducting high racks. It is also suitable for single floor flat warehouse, and single floor warehouse can be combined with other logistics systems after renovation.
  • Robot scheduling
    Robot can get to the bottom of racks and travel through, over all site can be scheduled, operation is coordinated, path selection can be selected flexibly and variously
  • Higher storage density
    Horizontal storage are can be increased by 40%,Vertical storage is up to the height of client's warehouse, the increased space could be 1-10 times
  • Small equipment failure impact
    Since the robots operate within the warehouse could be scheduled on the same layer or different layers, if the failure can not be fixed, the other robots can be arranged to undertake the unfinished task, and the large-scale handling will not be impacted because of the failure.
  • Less dependence on equipment, low cost for renovation and expansion
    Comparing with traditional large-scale automatic equipment, the solution requires less fixed facility, less supportive equipment, which is easier to continuously expand and renovate on later stages, and the limits and costs are less for later stage expansion and renovation
  • The default backup is also cheaper
    Comparing with large-scale automatic equipment, the key of warehouse operation - robot, which is easier to be maintained and replaced,
Product model