Solution Introduction
Quicktron Intelligent picking and sorting system solution is composed by a series of hardwares and softwares of AGVs, mobile racks, replenishment, picking & sorting workstation, WMS system, RCS system. By using AI algorithm software system as the core, placing on the rack, picking on the rack, replenishment, returns, inventory and other warehouse internal operation and processes are completed at the workstation.
Application scenario
Replenishment, placing on the rack, picking and operation within the warehouse
Application industry
The traditional picking method is inefficient, difficult to control the labor cost, scattered orders, more items, less quantity, almost all are picked with parts.
The efficiency and accuracy of order execution directly affect the user experience.
  • Dynamic allocation of resources
    dynamic resources allocation and AI based massive order optimization can be realized.
  • 99.99% of accuracy
    Less manual intervention, with automation based operation under command of the system Laser head based precise positioning, light button indicating commodity
  • management optimization
    Proper deployment switch between popular and unpopular items, system function modularization Order system optimization, stock structure optimization
  • Flexible
    Seamless connection with OMS/WMS and other upper layer software system, project execution period is short
  • ROI
    2-3 years
  • Automation
    Reduce manual work by 60%-80%
RTR(rack transportation robot)