Solution Introduction
By visually identifying the package information, the sorting robot can automatically plan the optimal path to handle the sorted package to the corresponding delivery slot. For the first time in the industry, the concept of fixed slot is broken. The sorting AGV is interconnected with the handling AGV to analyze the unpopular and popular commodities delivery destinations through big data. The system dynamically allocates the slots in real time to ensure the optimal table trolley matching of the current order wave. The utilization rate of the slot is improved greatly.
Application scenario
Expended sorting and picking, package sorting and picking, package sorting and picking relay
Application industry
High efficiency of manual picking and low accuracy of picking, high management cost, package easy to break traditional package sorting equipment flexibility is poor
  • Quick and stable
    Maximum travel speed of AGV is 2.5m/s,Intelligent battery management, 8 working hours / charge
  • Quick and accurate
    Express bill code reading accuracy is more than 99.99%,Code reading rate is less than 0.8s
  • Intelligent scheduling
    The system could schedule and manage almost 1000 AGVs at the same time    Quick deployment, flexible regulation of capacity
  • Strong adaptation
    Top as 40kg large parcel could be sorted, picked and delivered. Dule-package could be sorted, picked and delivered at the same time maximumly
  • Effective performance
    Handling of 15000 packages/hour can be realized, reduces 80% of conventional manul sorting and picking
  • Flexibility
    Maximum  flexible allocation of slot, with maximum efficiency, quick shift of deployment, to be in line with the sorting and picking request of each order wave.
AGV+ Series Robots