Solution Introduction
The latest intelligent pallet handling system solution from Quicktron can automate and intelligentize the storage, stacking and transshipment of pallets in warehouses, which relieves the dependence of forklift workers in traditional solutions, and improve the logistics operation efficiency of enterprises. The program combines intelligent hardware such as four-way pallet shuttle, all-round unmanned stacker, intelligent pallet handling robot, pallet transfer robot, intelligent robot management system and intelligent warehouse management system to form a powerful and flexible handling solution. The program is applicable to many industries such as food, medicine, clothing, automobile, logistics, and electronics manufacturing.
Application scenario
Pallet handling robot (all-round unmanned stacker, ground pallet handling robot, fixed carrier pallet handling robot and so on) is suitable for low density flexible handling scenario
Pallet based four-way shuttle system can work together with pallet handling robots for high density storage scenario.
Application industry
  • Safe and reliable
    systematic obstruction avoidance + multi-sensor based obstruction avoidance
  • Flexible and effective
    Excellent path planning ability, various combination of equipment
  • Flexible and reliable
    High flexibility, the client can independently complete add-in of the equipment or removal, and can also carry out the handling path modification independently
  • Automation
    Reduces manual handling by 40%-50%,Improves storage rate by 60%,Improves efficiency by 30%-50%
Core Specification