Solution Introduction
According to various application scenarios of the client, Quicktron provides various workbin handling solutions. It can provide rack to production line docking handling for manufacturing industry. It can also provide online or off line sorting and picking application between rack and work station in the e-commerce industry. There are two access methods of Quicktron robot, fork and clip holding type, that can flexibly cope with different containers and scenes, and can solve multiple handling of multiple workbins at once, to improve the efficiency of picking in the intelligent warehouse.
Application scenario
Transfer and storage various scenario
Application industry
The efficiency of storage tunnel access is low and the return on investment of existing products is not high. production line has many contact points, so it is difficult to ensure the consistency of each contact point. The production line environment is complex, and the long-term stability of product positioning and navigation on the market is at risk
  • Quick access
    Flexible access to the workbin, handling and picking efficiency are improved greatly, multiple workbins can be accessed and handled at once.
  • Guided by system
    Optimal pathway planning and multi-robot task scheduling
  • Flexible and stable
    Excellent motion control ability, travel in shape of curve, more flexible movement.
  • Various scenarios
    Manul intervention free, seamless connection to the system of the client, flexible customization based on scenario.
  • Flexible And Reliable
    Connection can be made with conveyor line,  MINIload, AGV+with roller robot and so on.
  • Highly effective
    Robust chassis, stable, increases the plot ratio of the rack.
WTR(Workbin Transportation Robot)