Quicktron released an application case of unmanned storage based on AirEngine wi-fi 6 at huawei full connection conference


The 2019 HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 conference kicked off at the Shanghai world expo on sept 18. With the theme of "creating a new level of intelligence", the conference released the latest products and solutions of AI and cloud, and Shared the latest practices on how to apply AI and cloud technologies to promote the digital transformation. As an important partner of huawei AirEngine wi-fi 6 innovative products, Quicktron intelligent won the 2019 huawei "data communication excellent developer eco-partner". Co-founder sun yu was invited to attend the open speech on the afternoon of 18th, and Shared the wonderful case of "huawei AirEngine wi-fi 6 Quicktron AGV unmanned storage application".


With the advent of the new era of logistics, intelligent warehousing has gradually become a new trend in the field of logistics. In the future, intelligent warehousing will evolve towards the direction of "unmanned operation", "digital operation" and "intelligent decision-making". Not only will the equipment be able to follow instructions strictly, but the entire storage system will be self-aware, self-adaptive, self-decision-making, self-diagnosing and self-repairing. The status of all kinds of logistics equipment can be monitored in real time, once the emergency problem can be self-diagnosis, self-repair, to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the entire logistics system. The realization of this grand goal depends on the evolution of network facilities, the accumulation of big data, the improvement of computing power and the innovation of theoretical algorithms.



With the development of intelligent warehousing today, it is faced with many new challenges, such as large space, large number of agvs, low throughput, and coordination of various operations. It is necessary to take into account both upstream and downstream storage areas, different storage areas at the same level of operation, different operations within the same storage area, and coordination among various workstations under the same operation. In 2018, CNS and huawei jointly innovated to build a new generation of wi-fi network with extreme speed, high density coverage and lossless roaming based on huawei AirEngine wi-fi 6 innovative products, aiming at problems such as poor roaming initiative, high roaming delay and abnormal dropped roaming calls. Since the implementation of the plan to become the industry leader in the wireless hosted solution, fast warehouse intelligence thus realizing seamless roaming, packet loss rate is close to 0, roaming the success rate of about 99%, the average travel time delay fell to 6%, AGV quantity per unit area from 400 to 1000, trouble-free operation time up to 2.5 times, operational efficiency increase of 35%.

Moreover, huawei's AirEngine wi-fi 6 innovative products also bring some new hopes for fast warehouse intelligence: large bandwidth transmission, get rid of the lack of edge computing power, combined with AI and artificial dual-mode working mode is possible; Greater bandwidth means smoother collaboration, and the improvement of communication capability will result in huge reconfiguration of intelligent device applications. Integrated positioning and communication solutions.


At the huawei full connection conference, Quicktron intelligent won the honor of "excellent developer eco-partner of data communication" by huawei in 2019, which is huawei's gratitude to the partners who have made outstanding contributions in the ecological construction. Intelligent fast storehouse consistent with huawei is values, enterprise culture similar intimate partners, both sides is extremely importance to independent research and development of science and technology, take the customer as the center, to assign to industry chain partners for glory, is committed to promoting industry innovation of science and technology enterprises, the future will continue to expand cooperation between the two sides dimension, depth, create a new intelligent level.