Capital market authoritative media report: Quicktron may become the "potential army" of smart warehouse industry


Capital markets recently seemed pretty deep affection to the field of artificial intelligence, "AI tigers, kuang view has been submitted to the Hong Kong stock exchange on August 25, the prospectus, valuation of billions of dollars, according to the figure, cloud came from are seeking kechuang wind board listed, secondary market so lively, the primary market is not cold and cheerless, loose grain capital in September announced a RMB 1 billion of loose grain and controversial funds, focused on artificial intelligence, robot, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

Compared with "AI four dragons", the sound volume of fast warehouse intelligence is smaller on the race track of artificial intelligence, but on the subdivision track of "AI+ intelligent storage", it is an opponent of kuang vision and other hard to ignore. With the ability of single warehouse dispatching robot reaching the level of 1000, it has become the second largest intelligent storage robot system solution provider in the world. It serves more than 500 enterprises in more than 20 industries in 15 countries, and has the quick storehouse intelligence of 50 global head enterprise customers in various industries, such as sinopedia, faw, DHL, post, etc. Recently, it announced to accelerate the three strategic layout of "service globalization, focusing on hot style products, and enabling partners with agility".

Why choose the track of "AI+ intelligent storage"?

Today, when we talk about intelligent automated warehousing has become nothing new, however, domestic enterprises logistics automation penetration data shows that this is still a huge blue ocean market. According to the statistics of qianzhan industrial research institute, the penetration rate of logistics automation in China is around 20%, compared with 80% in developed countries. In response to the low penetration rate, the sales volume of intelligent storage equipment has increased rapidly in recent years. According to relevant report of eou, the sales volume of domestic AGV in 2018 was 29,600 units, an increase of nearly 10 times compared with 3,150 units in 2014. RIC forecasts that AGV sales in China are expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 43.0% from 2017 to 2021, and reach 61,000 units in 2021.

"Enterprises generally require the age of warehouse porters below 45 years old, that is, people born after 1974, the youngest of the 70's after five years also turned 45 years old, after 80's, 90's, 00 after how many people are willing to do traditional warehouse porters? At the same time, the birth rate in China is also declining sharply. In 2018, 15.23 million people were born, with a birth rate of 10.94 per thousand, compared with 12.43 per thousand in 2017. The labor shortage in storage area will become an inevitable problem for business owners, and enterprises like ours are born to solve this problem. It is our mission to let human beings stop handling." Quick cang intelligence founder Yang wei expresses when accepting media interview a few days ago.

At present, Quicktron intelligent has three business models: providing intelligent warehousing solutions including "system software + customizable robot hardware"; Provide smart warehousing services at a single charge; Provide smart equipment rental services. It has covered more than 20 industries such as e-commerce, third-party logistics, medicine, manufacturing, automobile and retail, with a total global shipment of nearly 10,000 units.

Founded in 2014, kuicang intelligent has a label of "Shanghai local ai core enterprise", and Yang wei sets the company's vision as "intelligent driving within four walls". In terms of hardware, through multi-sensor fusion, machine vision, hybrid navigation (coded navigation has been realized), and powerful computing power, fast warehouse intelligence endfills the robot with the ability of autonomous driving and decision-making. On software, intelligent self-developed fast storehouse wisdom brain 2.0 system, it can be like wisdom city scheduling all within the four walls of smart devices, let the machine, people, road, warehouse, real-time collaborative and interconnection between brain and docking WMS, MES and ERP business system, through the data mining and machine learning, dynamic optimization of inventory structure, support customer forecast based on the algorithm in different seasons in advance "marketing and logistics" strategy.

Intelligent brain 2.0 system directly affects the scheduling ability. Quicktron intelligence and cainiao network of alibaba jointly created the largest thousand-level intelligent unmanned warehouse in Asia at present. During the promotion period, it achieved an average daily order of nearly 100,000. Quicktron intelligent is also huawei's ecological partner of smart park.

Since 2019, we will accelerate the implementation of the three strategic plans

At present, intelligent fast storehouse already in the Czech republic, dubai, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other overseas markets intelligent unmanned warehouse layout, Yang wei, according to the service from the business globalization towards globalization is one of the core strategy the company since 2019, the next step will be in the business coverage gradually set up a service center, revenue over the next two years the overseas market is expected to increase greatly. In 2019, Quicktron intelligent has obtained the "European market pass" -- the CE certificate of German Rhine directive. In the next step, its overseas business will mainly focus on Europe, Japan and other markets.

In domestic enterprises, fast warehouse intelligence is the first to enter the "AI+ intelligent warehousing" track, and it is also the first to do large-scale integration. It has put dozens of products into application. Yang wei told reporters that the company is currently implementing the "focus on hot style products" strategy, the third generation of intelligent robot, material box robot, stack high car and other five products were selected.

In 2019, the intelligent release the third generation of intelligent robot, fast storehouse "blade M40", to take the lead in the industry to realize the no navigation, "blade M40" has high comprehensive environmental awareness, can recognize the surrounding environment, planning path automatically, intelligent obstacle avoidance, can adapt to wet, oil pollution, uneven, high and low temperature, such as all kinds of bad environment, enable customers to transform the warehouse cost greatly reduced.

"Is it important to show your muscles? Or is it important to fit the customer's needs?" This is a multiple choice for many ai companies serving b-side clients. Quicktron intelligence has been focusing on research and development, investment accounted for about 70% of the r & d personnel and about 40% of the income. Yang wei cited a case that impressed him deeply. Quicktron intelligent once developed a robot for an important customer that could not only rotate 360°, but also drive safely with extremely high accuracy. However, the customer didn't think he needed such high accuracy.

It convinced him that "the best product for the customer is the best product," and in 2019 he listed "agile enablement partners" as one of the company's core strategies. At the same time, this strategy is also radiating more circles. At the world artificial intelligence conference, kuicang intelligence announced that it would jointly build a "global r&d + scenario verification center" for intelligent robot industry with local governments. Universities, scientific research institutions, upstream suppliers and peer enterprises will all become links in the incubation chain of technological innovation.