Enter fair hand in hand Finnish enterprise, dubai Paris Belgium appears one after another, quick storehouse accelerates "inside and outside open" pace


On November 3, before the opening of the second China international import expo sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai municipal people's government, China news service (CNS) reported on CNS as a typical case of China's internal and external opening and Yangtze river delta integration strategy.


Fast warehouse development is a microcosm of the integration of Yangtze river delta, based on the Yangtze river delta region the resources endowment of each related industry gathering area, thanks to the continued ascent in the appropriate area of business environment, fast warehouse to advantage in the Yangtze river delta region of industry chain and ecosystem for systemic comprehensive optimization configuration, support their strategic planning of steady progress and rapid development of the company.

Fast warehouse was born in Shanghai, has set up production base in the two cities in jiangsu, rookie network in wuxi, jiangsu province and hand in hand to build the world's second largest intelligent unmanned capsule, and together with the "world commodity city" zhejiang yiwu build global intelligent robot operation service center, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan of above, promote yiwu logistics intelligent level, promote the logistics industry chain extension.

On November 5, the expo officially opened, kuaicang was invited by Finnish enterprise nokia in its "smart logistics" exhibition area, the show is used to serve China post and other customers package sorting robot, attracted the attention of professional audiences and authoritative media at home and abroad.

On the same day, in addition to presenting itself on the international stage "at home", kuaicang also appeared on EmTech MENA in dubai and Huawei eco-connect Europe in Paris, France.


Since its inception in 1999, EmTech MENA has become the world's most influential emerging technologies conference, dedicated to "discovering emerging technologies that will change the world." In collaboration with IQ robotics, kuicang will show the world the profound influence of artificial intelligence and automation technologies on industry in EmTech MENA. Technologies such as robotics, natural language processing, neural network and deep learning can not only replace some heavy and inefficient jobs, but also create some new jobs. Kuaicang this time is the package sorting robot and shelf handling robot "rosefinch M60".

Huawei held the fourth Huawei eco-connect Europe with the theme of "Enable A DigitALL Connected Future", focusing on the cooperation and win-win situation with the European industry in the era of intelligence. As the alliance and solution partner, kuaicang was invited to participate in the exhibition, and the package sorting robot and shelf handling robot "zhuque M15" appeared. Quicktron and huawei jointly demonstrated how to bring low-cost AGV connection, ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and seamless roaming functions to the manufacturing industry through wi-fi 6+5G+ optical exchange, so as to meet the wide-area mobile requirements of the park in the face of digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.


And after a week of November 14, fast warehouse will work with partners and institutional shareholders novice network in other European countries Belgium, to participate in the Innovation laboratory air cargo Airport sponsored Wecargo Summit (Airport Innovation Lab & Summit), with the aid of the meeting in the strong influence of the local market, fast warehouse was launched in 2019, the third generation of intelligent robot "blade M40" will create revolutionary value for transatlantic air cargo industry!


Fully opened is accelerating to promote to form a new pattern in our country, namely, "open" inside and outside, "inside and outside simultaneously", on the one hand is the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the Yangtze river economic belt, Yangtze river delta regional integration development, building a large bay area of guangdong, on the one hand is to actively participate in the United Nations, the g20, apec, the brics mechanisms such as cooperation, jointly promote the developing of economic globalization. Global market strategy with national pace fast storehouse, together with the local government and domestic enterprises to build both "integration of Yangtze river delta" development pattern, and in southeast Asia, Europe and other overseas markets through working closely with various localized platform, speed up the manufacturing, aviation, third party logistics, business objectives such as super retail industry project landing speed.