Functional Features
  • Safety & Environmental Protection
    Safer disinfection process, no attachment, small particles, no residue.
  • Efficient Sterilization
    Short wave UVC ultraviolet lamp + disinfectant atomizing device, double mode no dead corner disinfection, no bacteria and viruses left.
  • Autonomous Navigation
    Self complete map building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, self complete disinfection task, automatic charging.
  • Traceability
    Real time monitoring of disinfection process, complete production log, clear disinfection path.
Disinfection Principle
Short Wave UVC Ultraviolet Hermicidal Lamp
Destroy bacterial & virus’s DNA, RNA, protein, etc., resulting in direct cell death and unable to reproduce, there is no drug resistance. It has the characteristics of wide spectrum, high efficiency, fast and thorough, no need to add chemicals, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution.
5um Ultra Dry Fog Particles
When the average diameter of the droplet is less than 10um, the spray mist can be called "dry", the "dry mist" of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant has no accumulation, which can be dispersed in the space to be sterilized, so as to achieve better sterilization effect.
Double Sterilization, Better Effect
Hydrogen peroxide dissociates the highly active hydroxyl groups through complex chemical reactions and acts on the cell membrane, which oxidizes and destroys the proteins of bacteria and makes them die, while short wave ultraviolet light can accelerate the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide with higher efficiency.
Disinfection Plan
Suggested disinfection plan for fighting against COVID-19: ultraviolet lamp irradiation disinfection, disinfection twice a day, 60 minutes per time, 3% hydrogen peroxide spray, twice a day, 60 minutes per time.
Duration of Endurance
Disinfectant volume 1500ml,Continuous spray duration of up to 8 hours.
UV Ray
The ultraviolet disinfection lamp meets ths requirements of technical specifications for medical disinfection,the irradiation intensity is greater than 70uW/cm2,comply to GB19258.
Convenient and Efficient
Four short wave UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamp + five atomizing nozzles have better working effect while working;
Convenient use of self charging.
Autonomous Localization and NavigationThe multi-sensor fusion technology,based on LIDAR,machine vision, depth senor,etc.,has the ability to locate and navigate high precisely indoore Peanut can run smoothly and stably indoore even in the complex environment.
Multi Robots Collaboration With a powerful planning system, Multiple robots can cooperate with each other smoothly at the same working environment, elevating the efficiency, reducing the cost, improving the service level and giving customers more intelligent experience.
Application Scenarios
  • Hospital Outpatient Ward
  • Hotel & Office Building
  • Public Place