About us
Indoor Intelligent Driving Intelligent robot+Intellingent warehousing operation
who are we?

Founded in 2014, Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is headquartered in Shanghai. With intelligent warehouse solutions based on China's leading AI technology, Quicktron leads the progress of robot intelligent warehousing., the company provides world-leading intelligent warehousing solutions. Its business covers R&D, production, sales, project implementation, management and service of warehouse robots, and focuses on in-depth research and operation in intelligent warehousing system- yet an untouched field in China. The company cooperates with heavyweight customers including Jingdong, and Best Logistics on several commercial projects, all delivering excellent public praise.

Vision and mission
  • Intelligent Driving Within Enclosed Indoor Environment
  • Free Humans from Manual Handling
Company History

Establishment of Quicktron

Angel Round Financing – 6.5 million

Company size 10 people

Best Logistics, ZEVC Management

Series-A financing - 30 million

Company size 30 people

JD, VipshopBest Logistics, Sinopharm

Company size 60 people

CaiNiao, SBCVC Series-B financing - 175 million
 Company size 200 people

Series-C financing in progress Estimated at CNY 3 billion
Company size 300 people

Company Honor
  • Top 10 application enterprises of logistics informatization in China in 2017
  • The best solution for China's e-commerce logistics industry
  • Third place in the third China innovation and entrepreneurship competition
  • CFLP
  • The third China innovation and entrepreneurship award
  • E-commerce intelligent logistics industry branch of China information association
  • Best growth enterprise
  • China mobile robot (AGV) industry alliance
  • Honorary certificate
  • 2016 best service enterprise of pharmaceutical e-commerce logistics
  • 會員單位
  • SGS
  • 優秀物流工程獎
  • 中國人工智能產業創新聯盟
  • 未來影響力